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Can anybody find you?

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Are your customers lost? Are they having a difficult time finding you?  I’m not talking about your storefront or office.  Can they find you online? 

I was surprised to see a slimmed-down yellow pages directory by my mailbox.  It went directly into the recycling bin. Why?  Because, like most consumers, I will do an online search for a business or service.  I want all of the information in one place: Products, Services, Hours, Locations, and Reviews. If I am in the car, I want to search for your business, get directions and your phone number all at once.  Any business who has not claimed their Google My Business listing is missing out on potential customers.

An area many businesses are neglecting is the use of voice searches.  According to Google, 41% of adults use a voice search daily. We have plenty of options: Siri on iPhones, Amazon’s Alexa devices, Google Assistant, and Cortana on Windows devices.  It is quick and easy to use my voice search assistant to look up your hours (after I check the weather!)  Now is the time for businesses to update their SEO (search engine optimization) and website content to optimize for voice searches.

With the constant changes due to the pandemic and civil unrest, having current information online is your lifeline.  Customers need to know if hours, product offerings, and processes have changed.  Some examples might be the use of credit cards only, curbside pick up, reduced hours, limiting the number of people in the facility, or shipping delays. Whatever online presence you use, keep it current.  Meet with your marketing team and put some time and effort to make sure that you are visible online to customers.   

Saying you don’t want people to find you online is the same as saying you don’t want people to find you, period.  Not sure what to do? Contact your ActionCOACH to get started and get into Action!