The Four Types of Business Valuations

There are many reasons for getting a Business Valuation, from the outright Sale of the business, to Buy-Sell agreements, to Mergers, or even Liquidation in the worst case.  And just like getting an appraisal for a home mortgage financing, there are different types of valuations depending on the intended use

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Treat Your Team to Great Leadership

If you are like most business owners, then you believe that your team deserves great leadership.  The trick is to really understand what kind of leadership your team needs and deserves.  There are many excellent books on leadership out there; they all tell a similar story and deliver a familiar

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Are You Focused On the Right Things?

As we get closer to the end of the year, I often talk to my clients and business owners about finishing strong, and as part of our 4th Quarter planning process, we talked about the importance of focus for a strong finish. Finishing strong has many different meanings at this

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The Cycle of Business

Many business owners find themselves in the trap of trying to do too much and not allowing their team to help them.  This is probably the single biggest inhibitor to growth that I have witnessed over the last nineteen years of coaching businesses – the failure of the owner to

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Effective Change for Business Growth

If I had to choose one word to describe the last few years, it would be disruptive.  The nature of a disruption does give us an opportunity for at least one thing – Change.  The word we kept hearing was pivot: the need to shift our focus, products, delivery methods,

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We’re Not Done Yet

Have you given up the goals and plans you had at the start of the year? It’s not too late. The year is winding down, but we’re not done yet! Every quarter, including Q4, you should be creating a 90-Day Business Plan. It’s a chance to get re-focused on your

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How to be a Great Delegator

As we grow our businesses, we need to grow our teams, and with that growth comes both excitement and fear.  One of the most common growth challenges I hear about is that owners/leaders struggle with delegation, and if they can’t get their team to do what they ask, they might

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Logical vs. Emotional Communicators: Bridging the Gap

Growing businesses often face the challenge of inter-personal communications amongst team members as they add staff to help deliver more and better products and services. As you add staff, you should be mixing personality and communication styles to round out your team, yet this can often lead to challenges if

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Moving from Doing it All to Leading it All

Many of us started businesses that required us to do the work that generated the bulk of the revenues of our companies.  At some point, we then became the bottleneck in our businesses, as we only had so much capacity.  At this point we added team, and often we began

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How to Hold Employees Accountable

I have been asked multiple times, by frustrated business owners, how to hold people accountable for their work. It is one of the biggest challenges, yet one of the most misunderstood concepts in the business world. When I started asking people what they thought about the issue, I heard a

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Don’t Let Change Scare You

Back in 2015 I made a massive change in my business – going back out on my own after 3 years with a great partner, leasing a space three times bigger than I needed at the time, and opening a satellite office.  This was a change that had been on

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Understanding Money in Your Business

When I talk to business owners about finances, the vast majority never talk about anything other than their revenues or sales figures. The same goes with goal setting; most prefer to focus on sales/revenue targets. While obviously revenues are important, that is only one form of the money in your

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