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Group Coaching

For Business Owners who are still doing a high percentage of the work in their businesses, Group Coaching follows the same process as 1-on-1 coaching, but at a more manageable pace. Groups of up to 4 businesses share the coaching time, learning along with others while also focusing on the specific issues and goals of each owner. You’ll get coached on your individual needs and you’ll also benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.


ActionMEMBERSHIP combines cutting edge business education with the power of peer-to-peer coaching. The primary purpose of the group is to help each member improve their results by learning new business skills and sharing their experiences with other members. ActionMEMBERSHIP is included with the Group Coaching program, or can be joined as a stand alone program.

Group Coaching is typically for business owners with fewer than 5 employees, and/or less than $500K in annual revenues. The cost for Group Coaching is $1580 per month. Each group meets four times per month, and we have multiple groups available to suit your schedule.

ActionMEMBERSHIP ($195/week) and ActionMEMBERSHIP Elite ($295/week) are mastermind groups for entrepreneurs. Get a free guest pass to the next  Member Day here.

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