Business Coaching for Law Firms

Solo/Small Practice Coaching is designed for Solo Attorneys and Small Practice Partners seeking profitable growth, team harmony, and overall improved performance.  Our Law Practice Coaching blends our standard business coaching approach with the unique traits of a Law Firm, and addresses the challenges of being an Owner/Practicing Attorney as well.

Our approach to Practice Development teaches you how to set Meaningful Goals, to create a Feasible Plan, and then how to Focus your Efforts on Implementing the Plan through your team. We focus on the Fundamentals that apply to every business in general, as well as dealing with the additional complexity in a Law Practice such as yours.

We focus on 3 Key Areas of Your Practice:

  • Metrics – using your existing system or our proprietary tracking sheets.
  • Staff Development – help them to help both your clients and you, the owner.
  • Leadership Development – develop the leadership infrastructure in your business so it runs itself.

There are 2 Primary Methods of Engagement we offer to help You Create the Practice You Desire:

  • Workshops – a variety of half-day and full-day workshops on Strategic Planning and Team Building.
  • Practice Coaching – 1 hour weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help you and your team be accountable to the plan we create together.

Our Approach is Different from other Coaches and Industry-Specific Consultants:

  • There are no long-term contracts that you can’t get out of.  We work on a month-to-month basis, earning the right to be your coach every single time we meet.
  • We work on a monthly retainer model which gives you access to your coach between session if/when needed without the need to worry about running up fees and accruing charges.
"I have gained insight into areas of my business that can be improved and processes that can be created and instituted that yielded immediate benefit in terms of efficiency and reduction in stress levels."
Jeff Rocker
Beck Rocker, P.C.
"Coach Sandy has been a wonderful teacher and mentor. Her DISC Communication training and team building training have helped me be a more effective leader."
Lauren Mack
Reyes Kurson, Ltd.

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