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Life is a Mirror

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Decisions, decisions, decisions….life is all about making decisions, right?

Early on things are a little easier because your parents make decisions for you, but as you get older and take on more responsibilities things get complicated.  You go from being a carefree kid, to an awkward teenager, to an adult charged with making a number of decisions each day…decisions that can either positively or negatively impact you.  Run your own business and the impact of your actions and decisions multiply.  So, how exactly is life like a mirror?

What do you see when you look in a mirror (not a trick question)? A reflection, but more specifically you see your reflection which is the culmination of your entire life and the experiences you’ve had.  Every decision you’ve made along the way is reflected back at you. Not happy with what you see? Sorry, there’s only one person to blame…yourself!

The same principle applies to every aspect of your life. From your bank account, to the results you’re getting in your business, the personal relationships you have, and your overall health, whatever you see is a reflection of the decisions you chose to make or not make. During a recent coaching session my client was expressing their frustration with the lack of financial results they were getting. After 10 minutes of watching them point fingers and place the blame on others, I asked, “So who is the person who is really to blame for the lack of results?” After a few seconds of silence they responded, “I am.” Bingo! They nailed it!

The lesson that my client learned in that session was that, good or bad, where they were today was a direct result of the decisions they chose to make or not make. No one else could be blamed for the results because they were choosing to allow things to slide and would not take action.  As a business coach, I am the mirror for my clients when they’re reluctant to look at themselves and face up to their decisions.

I challenge you to take a good hard look in the mirror today! Are you comfortable with your results or are you missing something? Do you feel you could be achieving more both personally and professionally? Get off the fence! We all get one life to live…this isn’t a dress rehearsal! Think about what you want and make the decision to go get it!

Author: Drew Schwegman, Business Coach in Northern Kentucky