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Sharing the Roadmap

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Sharing the Roadmap

I dread hearing the phrase “Oh, I forgot to tell you….” 

A few years ago, a sales rep asked that I join him on a sales meeting with a hot prospect.  I got up very early for a pre-dawn flight.  Hungry and tired, I arrived at the customer’s office only to be told that he was not in and had no appointments scheduled.  When I finally reached the sales rep I heard the dreaded phrase, “I forgot to tell you, our meeting is this afternoon.”  Needless to say, I was not happy. This is just one experience that has reinforced the need for me to be better at communicating with my family, my team and my customers.

What about you? At this point in January, you have completed your 2021 plans and set your goals.  Great work!  Now what? How do you make it happen? Start by sharing the roadmap with all of your stakeholders.  This will allow everyone to reach the destination, following your planned route.

Start with your team.  Everyone in your organization should understand what you are trying to achieve and when you expect it to happen.  Let them see the Roadmap.  Get their input on how to achieve the goals that you have set.  They may have great ideas and strategies that you haven’t thought about.  By getting their input, you will also get their buy in.  Your employees can only deliver what they know to do and what they know how to do.  Be clear about expectations, deadlines, and responsibilities. 

Each part of the organization needs to understand their roles and responsibilities on the Roadmap.  When everyone has the same destination, collaboration is much easier.

I have a client that had challenges in this area.  The lab would work through lunch and rearrange cases to complete an order for customer pickup.  When the order was complete, they got the dreaded “I forgot to tell you” that the customer had called and could not come in until the next day.  Better communication of expectations and deadlines has helped them avoid this scenario.

Your next stakeholders are your vendors and suppliers.  Having that large order come in is exciting, until you learn that you will not have adequate materials to complete the order for six weeks.  Give your vendors notice on what you will be needing and when. Share the roadmap.  This will also set up a communication channel for them to tell you about delays or problems, avoiding the “I forgot to tell you” on both ends.

Don’t forget about your customers.  Build excitement about your products and services, especially new offerings.  Tell your customers about all of your services and specials so that they buy from you. It is particularly important when you offer a new or complimentary product or service to share the roadmap with your customers. You never want to lose a sale because you “forgot to tell” a customer that you handle a product or service that they bought from a competitor.

Having a solid plan with achievable goals is your key to success in 2021.  Your journey will be simpler, more effective and enjoyable if everyone knows what the plans and goals are, so Share the Roadmap with your team, your vendors, and your customers. 

The team at ActionCOACH Bluegrass is ready to help prepare your roadmap and how to implement it. Contact us for a free strategy session today.


Author: Sandy Merritt, Business Coach in Louisville, KY