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Celebrate Them All!

When it comes to wins, we say “celebrate them all!” In the midst of busy seasons and chaotic times, we want to help you eliminate the stress and help you remember to celebrate the wins!

All wins are worth celebrating, but something we are often asked is “How do I know what to celebrate?”. One quick way is to look at your KPIs and see if you’ve been on track for your goals. Another question we often hear is “How do I celebrate?” Well, more often than not, you’ll know the best way to answer those questions, but below, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help get you thinking! Pick, choose, and personalize any and all ideas.

Big Wins

These are the wins that don’t happen often but are often a result of hard work, persistence, and patience. This may be a quarterly goal, a huge client, a large new project, or years worth of work finally coming to fruition. When you win big, you have to celebrate big! For this, we often see business owners celebrate by doing something as a team – dinner, a fun experience, an afternoon off early to celebrate, a party at the office, or my personal favorite; popping the cork off a champagne bottle! If you are running a business by yourself, it may be a little more personal such as a day off to do your favorite activity, buying yourself a special reward, or getting together with your favorite people to share in the victory. For something that took a lot of effort, you may find yourself putting a lot of effort into this celebration. There may be some planning involved, budgeting, scheduling, decorating, and more. These celebrations often remind the team or yourself of all the hard work that has paid off and helped the company more positively.

Medium Wins

Medium wins are the funny-sized wins that happen in between those large wins with mega impacts but are bigger than your everyday wins. This could include launching a new product, hiring a new member, making a change in your business, or successfully implementing new systems. These wins have taken time and dedication but perhaps happen more frequently than your quarterly or yearly big wins.

To celebrate yourself and your team, you may use localized rewards such as employee of the month or a gift card, designated parking for an MVP, as special lunch, bringing in doughnuts or other special rewards, or simply treating yourself.

Small Wins

These are the wins that happen most frequently, but still, deserve to be celebrated equally as much as a big win. This may be another sale, a challenge you overcome, a breakthrough you had with a client, a new idea that has gotten started, and many many more. A small win may not be a do or die, but it is something that helps your business move forward in some way. This sized win may be celebrated with a thank you card, an email announcement, a social media post, or run to the store for your favorite treat. Again, these wins are more frequent, so they don’t need a lot of planning or money to make the win significant. But no win is too big or small to be celebrated.

At the end of the day, it is always important to celebrate your wins. And while we’ve given some ideas to get you started, one way you can really #TreatYoSelf is to start coaching. It could be one of the best investments you make for yourself and your business. And we’ll always celebrate with you! Book your first coaching session for free right here!

Author: Kyleigh Mazer, Business Coach in New Albany, IN.