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How Prepared is Your Team?

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Take a minute to picture the following scenario. You’ve just arrived at the pool to relax with your family when out of nowhere a mother and father rush their young toddler up to the lifeguard on duty. The young girl is motionless and the panic is starting to build in the parents’ faces. Calmly and controlled, the lifeguard springs into action and within minutes a team of people descend to administer treatment to the young girl and bring her back to life. Mom and Dad are overjoyed, and Mom and daughter are taken to the local hospital for further evaluation. The team of lifeguards, EMTs, and management take a minute to celebrate the win, albeit quietly, as not to draw attention to the event that had unfolded. The team huddles up and evaluates their response process – step by step. A few more minutes pass before high fives and pats on the back are exchanged. What could have been a devastating situation was avoided because the team successfully put their training into action.

Now, I wish I could tell you this scenario was made up, but I can’t. The events described above were ones that I witnessed while on vacation in Florida with my family. Being thankful that the little girl was out of harm’s way, I started to think about what I’d just observed, and it got me thinking about a few things. Specifically, in your business, how prepared is your team for unforeseen events? How would you handle an “emergency situation” if it popped up? How well is your team trained to handle different types of situations? Would you feel confident that they could handle themselves calmly and be in control?

If you could not answer these questions with confidence then it’s time to call a timeout and look at how your team is being trained, and if they are not being trained, it’s time to start.

In addition to helping boost your employee retention, by formally training and cross training your team members you  are giving them the skills they need to successfully handle those “uh-oh” moments that inevitably come up in business. Regular trainings improve your team’s confidence and add value to your clients.

Share what you do to prepare for your business’s emergencies in the comments.

Author: Drew Schwegman, Northern Kentucky Business Coach