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Building Your Professional Power Team

It is kickoff time for your business in 2022 and a fresh new year means new possibilities for growth and success. Have you ever noticed that most successful business owners seem to have a group of consistent partners they work with? More than likely that is their professional power team and if it is set up the right way it is probably feeding their growth! We know people do business with others they know, like, and trust. In today’s world, many businesses thrive off word-of-mouth referrals. Do you do this in your business? Chances are, you do in one way or another. So, when you’re building your closest circle of professionals to grow business with, here are some things to consider.

When thinking about people that you know, how well do you know them? How often do you touch base to catch up? Do you know how they operate their business, what they value, who they are looking for? One of the best places to start when building your immediate circle is by thinking of those you know well enough that you could nearly write a commercial for that business. When you know how that person runs their line of work and who they are looking for, it makes creating a circle that much easier. Better yet, when you are connected with people who have the same target market as yourself, it can be a win-win to build a strategic relationship with that person.

 Who do you like?

I’m sure you know of a ton of people, especially if you are involved in your local chamber, a weekly networking group, or you attend events in your area on a regular basis. But it’s not enough to just know someone for you to consider them in your close circle. Take it to the next level: who do you like? Who do you know professionally that you enjoy being around? Who would you want to get dinner or drinks with outside of business hours? Do you learn from this person? Do you have other interests outside of work such as sports, hobbies, or music that helps you create a deeper relationship? Sure, you may not be directly involved in the same line of work, but everyone has friends, family, and other connections they may know who need what you provide, and vice versa. Having a close relationship with someone who you are happy to refer others to makes it much easier to help others with their business.

Who do you trust?

When you are sending a referral, your name is on the line. In a sense, you are a salesperson for that business. Think of your connections that you would trust with your nearest and dearest friends or family members. Who do you know would go above and beyond to take care of anyone you send their way? Who has stood out to you because of their actions? It’s not always enough to simply know and like someone, but the level of trust can take the business to the next level. Think about qualities in your connections. Who has ownership in their tasks, takes accountability to get things done, and owns their actions when they follow through? When you are building a close circle of people in your network, be sure you have a mutual trust to take care of each other and the referrals passed back and forth.

 Maintain Your Close Circle

Once you have established the people in your referral circle, be sure to create a system to nurture and maintain those relationships. How often should you be in contact with those people? How many referrals are you each looking to pass and receive? What information or mailing lists should this person be involved with? Would it be beneficial to meet with your close circle all at one time so they can meet each other? How will you thank your circle for added business? Be sure to not only consider the “who” but also the “how” when looking at sustaining relationships to build your business.

Author: Kyleigh Mazer – Business Coach in Southern Indiana.