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The Formula for Change

We all hear “change is a good thing”…but even when we know it’s a good thing, it can still be difficult to get moving. To help make that transition easier, let’s walk through our formula for change – don’t worry, you non-numbers people, there’s not much math for this one. 

The full formula is D x V + f > R. Let’s break that down.

D represents Dissatisfaction. This is the challenge or problem that is affecting your business, your life, your family, or yourself. This is where the situation causes emotions that we want to avoid; stress, frustration, anger, confusion, etc. Typically, we hear people to get into their own business to have more money, more time, less stress, and less restriction. But what many business owners find is the exact opposite. So, the dissatisfaction comes from not feeling like they have accomplished what they set out to do.

Hold onto that one.

The V stands for Vision. This is the ideal situation you’re running towards; the freedom, the increase in profit, the control, the impact you can be making. This is the dream. And the emotions attached cause excitement, joy, energy, motivation and more.

Got it? Lock that in.

Now we move to f – the First steps. When you think about what is causing dissatisfaction and you see the vision of what you want, it’s important to identify the first steps. What are the action items that you can take today that will help move you closer to your vision and farther away from you dissatisfaction? What can you do to eliminate the stress, chaos, and frustration and/or build more of what you want from you vision? The easiest step, the one you can take right now, that’s your first step.

What is holding you back?

So, when you look at the equation and you multiply that dissatisfaction by your vision and you add in your first steps, you’re on your way to making the change. But it’s not that simple. The thing that catches up with us in our humanness is the R, the Resistance.

We tend to stay in our comfort zone and do what is easy, rather than what is right. And sometime the change in our life or in our business is the exact thing we need to get to where we want to go. But that big “R” in our life, that resistance, holds us all back from our potential. It takes intentionality, discipline, and a desire to overcome that resistance. And we can do that when we focus on the results of dissatisfaction multiplied by vision added to the first steps. That must be greater than the resistance to change. That’s where change happens. That’s where we don’t just step outside out comfort zone, but we grow it.

Summing it Up

As you look to grow your business and you face the need for change, keep in mind the Formula for Change. We’re all capable of the change, but sometimes we can get caught up in one part of another of lack the focus on the full equation. Together, we can look at the pieces that are great than the resistance and truly make the strides needed to make the change our business, our lives, and our world needs.

Author, Kyleigh Mazer, Business Coach in New Albany, IN