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We’re Not Done Yet

Have you given up the goals and plans you had at the start of the year?

It’s not too late. The year is winding down, but we’re not done yet!

Every quarter, including Q4, you should be creating a 90-Day Business Plan. It’s a chance to get re-focused on your goals, re-energized, and back on track to finish the year strong.

Your Q4 plan is the plan that will close out your year on a high note. 

Our quarterly planning process is this:

We hold a workshop each quarter where business owners join together to review their results for the previous quarter, share the lessons to be carried forward, and create their business success plans for the next quarter.  We provide a structure to start from so no one gets stuck. We mix in some new learning and fun. The energy, ideas, and detailed plans that come out of the process are inspiring.

This planning process has several advantages:

Optimism – tons of it.  When you’re in a room of goal-oriented, growth-minded business owners, there are few excuses, very little finger-pointing, and lots of ideas and strategies for business growth.  It gets you excited about your future.

Energy – one of the benefits of our quarterly planning workshops is the positive energy that a group of determined business owners can generate, and how everyone feeds off of each other’s energy.

Hard Work – Let’s face it, planning can be tedious. But a planning workshop setting gives you the push you need to work hard, to help each other, to be accountable, and to stay on task. It gives you a structure to start from and the support to follow-through.

Focus – last but not least, you become more focused. Focused on each step of the process, focused on learning from others, focused on learning from past results.  Focused on creating a quarterly plan that pushes you out of your comfort zone, so that you can get where you want to go now, not next year or never.

If you would like to finish the year strong, join us for our next GrowthCLUB workshop.  We will help you take a long hard look at where you’ve been, where you want to go, and chart a focused path for you to get there.

Author: Mark McNulty, Business Coach